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In addition, all investment money is yours when you reach at least you minimum investment goal (minus fees).

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When you reach you funding goal, continue to raise more from backers or sell more equity in overfunding.


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We have built the largest global community of professional FinTech investors all investing online in the future of finance in over 50 currencies.

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We believe that the future of finance looks very different to how it looks today and we offer qualifying investors the opportunity to invest in the companies and products that are building the future of finance.

Industry specific investors

We are the largest global online investment community of proffesional investors all investing in financial innovation and technology.

One investor, many supporters

You only get one new investor added to your company, cutting out all the problems of having to many investors.
Our unique pooled investment structure means you gain all the beneftis of having many investors without the admin headaches.

No money, no fees

If you don’t raise monet with us, you won’t pay anything. We only charge 5% of funds raised plus $2,000 fee to setup your unique SPV if, and only if, you receive money from us.

Legal documentation covered

We provide share certificates, investment agreements and the setup of a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to invest in your company all included in our no win, no fee structure. You simply provide the term sheet.

Full-service investment

We’re not just introducers. Our team handles all documentation, admin and payment for both investors and deals.

Ongoing investor relations

Investors and businesses can easily keep-in-touch online throughout the investment lifecycle and store / download all documentation in one place.

Cross border

Our community is truly global, with active investors and entrepreneurs form 112 countries who all share the belief that the future of finance will look different from the past.


Easily invest and raise investment in your local or preferred currency integrated with the top 25 currencies and 35 alternative currencies like Bitcoin and Ether.

Raise finance securely

We use bank-grade security procedures including secure socket layers, two cator authentication and are registered with our Monetary Authority to run a securities business and transfer funds in secure, dedicated client money accounts.

  • €2,147,213 invested in the round

    By facilitating investments in BitPesa, customers can now send money to and from Africa cheaper, faster & more securely.

    Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO BitPesa Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO BitPesa „Fast, reliable and targeted investment”
  • €2,685,090 invested in the round

    By facilitating investments in Uphold, customers can now exchange currencies for free!

    Halsey Minor, Chairman, Uphold Halsey Minor, Chairman, Uphold “The future of raising finance for FinTech companies”
  • €6,871,082 invested in the round

    By facilitating investments in Factom, companies and governments will be able to prove ownership of assets in a way that cannot be rigged using the Blockchain.

    David A. Johnston, Chairman, Factom David A. Johnston, Chairman, Factom “We secured over 300 new investors, but more importantly over 300 interested community members to drive the company forward, all in just 30 days.”
  • €1,717,770 invested in the round

    By facilitating investments in UnoCoin, customers can now send money to and from India cheaper, faster & more securely.

    Sunny Ray, President, Unocoin Sunny Ray, President, Unocoin “We believe Bitcoin can serve the unbanked in India and now we have the funding to scale that mission”
  • €5,072,342 invested in the round

    By facilitating investments in Bitcoin Group, we allowed investors to invest in what could have been the first Bitcoin mining IPO using Bitcoins and traditional currencies.

    Sam Lee, CEO, Bitcoin Group Sam Lee, CEO, Bitcoin Group “Supportive, Innovative and a large community of investors investing for the right reasons as well as returns.”

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